After decades of economic upheaval, Seoul is now emerging as a cultural capital;

The development of new public spaces is the tool used by the Metropolitan Government to increase the quality of the urban life;

Nevertheless, these are generally securely controlled and restricted to segregated social classes; 

The area next to Seoul Central Station is one of the few important open space which sees the hybrid use of the space from the homeless and the tourists/commuters;

This project deals with this opportunity to interact different groups of social classes;

Thus, two readaptable pavilions had been conceived, in order to accommodate a variety of new and existing functions;

The result is a social - artistic - community shaping tool;    


Program: Pavilions

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Sponsor: Central Glass Co., Ltd.

Co-Sponsor: Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd.

Architect: Dario Pedrabissi

Status: Competition, unbuilt

Year: 2017